Which is healthier steak or hamburger?

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Which is healthier steak or hamburger?

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Steak is healthier than hamburger.

Although steak and hamburger come from a cow the steak is healthier as it's less fattening than hamburgers are.

Hamburgers usually contain more grease and fat content which makes the hamburger less healthy than steak and steak has less grease.

However even steak can be unhealthy when you eat it in excess just like hamburgers but the steak is okay to eat in moderation must like hamburger is.

Some people become obese and gain a lot of weight when they eat a lot of hamburgers but they don't become as obese or as unhealthy when they eat a lot of steaks.

So steaks are healthier than hamburger.

But eating hamburger and steaks is healthy in moderation as long as you're eating other healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables etc and you're getting plenty of exercise and staying active.

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