What's it like to sleep in diapers?

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What's it like to sleep in diapers?

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Sleeping in diapers or sleeping when wearing diapers feels great.

Although at first it can be a bit tricky to fall asleep on the first few nights or week of wearing diapers to bed.

If you've normally worn underwear to bed and then started wearing diapers to bed it may be difficult for you to sleep because you're not used to the feeling of the diaper between your legs and on your butt.

The thicker the diaper the more time it may take to get used to sleeping in the diaper.

For me it took a month of wearing diapers to bed to fully get used to them and go to sleep easily.

Now I sleep really good when wearing diapers because I wear diapers full time.

Diapers are very comfortable and even better when the diaper is wet or poopy.

Sleeping in wet adult diapers is okay as long as it's not to the point of leaking.

I sleep in wet diapers all the time and may kids and toddlers and babies also sleep in their wet diapers and they are just fine.

Sleeping in a wet adult diaper is okay and even babies and toddlers can and do sleep in wet diapers and even poopy diapers.

Some people wet the bed and wear diapers for bed wetting and they sleep just fine in the wet diaper.

The diaper will hold the pee away from your skin and I find I get better sleep from being in a wet diaper and even a poopy diaper.

If my diaper is wet and not about to leak then I go to bed in my wet diaper and then change in the morning after peeing again.

Sleeping in poop diapers is also okay and I do it as often as I can.

To me wearing poopy diapers feels so good because the poop has a good texture to it and when it squishes against my butt it feels so awesome and makes sitting down even more comfortable.

I also love walking around in a poopy diaper and going down the slide in my poopy diaper and even jumping up and down on my trampoline and making the poop squish even more around in my diaper.

The cleanup can be a pain but it's well worth it for the fun I have wearing the poopy diaper.

Some activities I like to do when wearing diapers are to go down my slide, swing on my swing set, jump on my trampoline, ride my spring rocking horse, go hiking wearing diapers, just walk around wearing diapers, go camping wearing diapers, take road trips wearing diapers and much more.

I wear diapers all the time and do everything while wearing diapers.

On warm days I like to be out in my privacy fenced in back yard and playing in the dirt, playing in my sand box, playing on my swing set, slide etc while wearing just a diaper and shirt and shoes or just a diaper and shirt and sometimes just a diaper.

I also like to lay down on the floor wearing just my diaper and shirt and socks and color in coloring books or play with toy cars on my play mat like the boy in the picture in my avatar.

I love wearing a poopy diaper too.

Going poop in a diaper feels so good and I love the mushy feeling of the poop as it squishes around my butt in the diaper.

Walking around in a poopy diaper is awesome and feels great and that's another good reason to wear diapers as if you need to poop then you can go ahead and poop the diaper wherever you are and then change it later.

The diaper will contain the poop so it does not get onto your pants, seat etc.

I just take a shower to clean off the poop when I change my diaper because wiping the poop off takes awhile.

Showering the poop off after wiping most of the poop off with the diaper is easy and gets me clean.

I sometimes will poop the diaper when out in public and walk around for 4 hours or longer until I come home and shower and change into a fresh diaper.

I hate changing out of the poop diaper but I have to because if I don't then I could get a rash.

I wear diapers 24 hours per day now and have done so almost 10 years and no longer use the toilet.

Diapers are my toilet for both poop and pee.

I also love going to sleep with a poop diaper as well as sleeping in a poop diaper feels great as well.

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