Ready-made frames and presentations for advertising on Instagram

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asked Feb 10 in Blogging by Arafen (410 points)
Nowhere can you get materials such as frames and other things to give a cooler look for photos on Instagram and other sites?

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answered Feb 10 by Misery (480 points)

Good day. There are many sites with ready-made mockups for all types of posts. For example, in book format There are not only frames or calendars, but many more ways to embellish your photos. You just need a little imagination) In addition, if you are engaged in content and advertising on social networks like me, then they will also help you.

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answered 3 days ago by briandonald (180 points)
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Thank you for sharing this information. I work with presentations and would be grateful for any tools or sources that might be helpful in this. Recently I found a way to improve my work and this source helped me I figured out some important points when working with Google Slides. And this greatly influenced the final result.

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