Can you cook green peas without soaking?

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Can you cook green peas without soaking?

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Green Peas can be cooked without soaking them first.

However soaking the green peas is recommended before cooking them as soaking the green peas before cooking helps them cook faster and more evenly.

But if you prefer to cook the green peas without soaking them first you can do so.

Dried Peas do need to be soaked overnight prior to cooking them so that they cook faster and cook better.

You can cook dried peas without soaking them first but it will take longer for the dried peas to cook so it's recommended that you allow the dried peas to soak overnight and then cook the dried peas the next day.

However dried split peas don't require soaking before cooking but regular dried peas just like beans should be soaked prior to cooking them.

Soaking the dried peas helps to remove an enzyme that causes gas and helps the dried peas cook faster and more evenly.

You'll have better cooked peas when you soak the dried peas overnight before cooking them.

After soaking dried peas and beans before cooking them I don't get as much gas buildup in my stomach and I fart less often after eating dried peas and beans and they always cook faster too.

Dried Peas are an agricultural or culinary preparation consisting of the dried, peeled and split seeds of Pisum sativum, the pea.

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