How do you market a new business these days?

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asked Feb 9 in Marketing - Advertising by kesteer (5,580 points)
What do you use for marketing your small businesses, guys?

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answered Feb 9 by herdas (3,930 points)

I have been looking for some ideas for my business I would also like to recommend that you don't forget about offline marketing. I like using some cool promo items like those Soft Enamel Pins, for example. People still love those and they work really well. Good luck with it!

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answered Feb 9 by Misery (480 points)

Well, first you need to decide on the specifics of your question) If you are about promoting an online store, then here I am doing this with the CEO of the company. If about adding new products, then there are content managers for this. I recently decided to strengthen customer support and feedback, and for this I found an excellent outsourcing service wow 24, which provides 24/7 customer support and makes it easier for me to take orders. So I reduced the cost of maintaining my call center and freed up more money and personal time to develop advertising) I tried to answer your question as simply and at the same time clearly.

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