How do I learn SQL? What are some good online resources, like websites, blogs, or videos?

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asked Feb 4 in Programming/Design by poliq (6,930 points)
How do I learn SQL? What are some good online resources, like websites, blogs, or videos?

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answered Feb 5 by Shawn (90,970 points)
The best way to learn SQL is sit down and view tutorials on Microsoft's website.

Microsoft has some SQL Tutorials that can help you learn SQL and many people have learned a lot about SQL through Microsoft.

Taking a college course in SQL is also a good idea especially if you want to learn SQL to work for a company needing someone who knows about SQL.

You can also learn SQL by installing SQL on a server and playing around with it from your home and learn it.

You can also learn coding and learn to manage and operate, update etc servers and work with Windows Servers or Linux servers.

However the best way to learn SQL is to take an SQL class and study hard.

Also is another good website to learn SQL.
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answered Feb 5 by costy (6,920 points)
Learning SQL is a straight forward task, although like anything else mastery can take a while - you will find learning SQL is easier than learning programming languages like Java or Python. That is because SQL isn't a full programming language.

You can get started by knowing that in SQL databases, everything is stored in tables.
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Hi, I have no idea what to say actually. Please mind that you learn SQL by doing SQL. It's just not that hard. A little curiosity, your laptop, and Google is all you need. Then I recommend that trusted  sql server blog full of different articles mainly focused on SQL Server database and Microsoft stack technologies. Hope it can help. Cheers

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I think the best source for learning this is online courses. For me, this is the fastest and most convenient way to study information, so I also decided to create my own courses to help other people. This source was just a godsend for me This has greatly accelerated the course of events, and soon I'll be ready to present the product to a wide audience.

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