Is it OK to eat fish everyday?

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Is it OK to eat fish everyday?

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It's OK to eat fish everyday and it can actually benefit your health.

Fish is a brain food and healthy and it's OK to eat fish everyday.

However some people who eat too much fish could get mercury poisoning from eating a lot of fish.

You might also get tired of eating fish everyday but it's unlikely to harm you if you do eat some fish everyday as long as it's not a whole lot of fish you're eating everyday.

I  only eat fish about once per week when I do eat fish.

If you want to eat fish everyday you can do so as it's safe to eat fish everyday although all you need to do is eat fish at least twice per week to get the health benefits of fish.

Eating fish everyday won't provide you anymore health benefits than eating fish only twice per week but it's not gonna do you any harm to eat and enjoy fish everyday if you want too.

I love fish but I would get tired of eating fish every single day but would do so if it was all I had to eat.

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