Taking free hosting is a risk?

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asked Jan 13 in Answerpail by RachelGeorge (560 points)

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answered Jan 13 by Lawklia (1,410 points)
Free hosting is okay for when you're starting out.

However when you want to run a professional website and make money from the website then you should go with paid hosting.

Paid Hosting is more reliable than free web hosting is.

With free hosting you get less server resources and there's usually more downtime with the hosting servers.

Free hosting servers are packed full of other websites which can bog your own website down.

Web Hosting can be had for as low as $5.00 per month for shared hosting or a cheap cloud hosting account.

With Cloud Hosting you can scale up the resources as your website grows and only pay for what you need at that time.

If your website needs for RAM, CPU etc then you can pay a higher price and upgrade without moving your website.

A professional website is a website that is online and fast and free hosting is not a good choice.

That is if you want to make money with the website and see it grow.
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answered Jan 15 by bradleykelley (540 points)

Free hosting platforms lack good customer support in case of any technical glitches. Complex websites will be hit hard as they rely upon round the clock customer service for running databases and scripts. On the other hand, paid offshore hosting will give a fast VPS, outstanding customer support, perfect uptime, security, flexibility, scalability, privacy protection, without phishing, scam or anything like this. Businesses are guaranteed 24/7 customer support via phone, email or chat, promising peace of mind even during emergency situations. Give it a trial, you won't regret it. Paid offshore hosting services are growth-driven and deliver high value for money for your business. This will also enhance the image of the company, provide a unique identity and deliver a competitive advantage.

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answered Feb 8 by Misery (460 points)

Good day. It all depends on your needs. I used to host first a personal page in the style of a live magazine on free hosting and it was convenient. But usually, when you need to expand the functionality or add third-party plugins, it always comes up against the payment barrier) And resources that offer free hosting usually take an additional fee in an increased volume. So, if I were you, I would consider some kind of simply inexpensive but reliable resource like this https://hostovita.pl/hosting/

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