What do pit bulls usually die from?

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What do pit bulls usually die from?

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Most Pit Bulls die from heart disease or congestive heart failure and sometimes cancer.

Pit Bulls are prone to heart disease and congestive heart failure as well as some forms of cancer.

The average lifespan of a Pit Bull is 8 to 12 years so they don't live all that long regardless of health conditions which is a good thing.

No matter what others may think the Pit Bull is a dangerous and naturally vicious dog that has no place in this world and especially in towns and cities.

Some cities and towns including my town bans pit bulls of any kind which is a good thing.

Pit bull dogs have no place in society I agree.

I've been attacked by a Pit Bull Terrier as a kid when I was just riding my bicycle down the sidewalk and the Pit Bull Terrier then jumped a fence and came after me.

I had to have stitches on my leg but thankfully a neighbor had a shot gun and killed the dog to get it off of me.

The dog would not let lose of me and the pit bull kept a strong hold on me.

If the dog had not been shot I would have probably been mauled to death from that pit bull.

Some pit bull owners think it's the other persons fault for provoking the pit bull to attack but that's not true.

I never provoked that dog and just because I was riding my bicycle down the sidewalk in front of the fence the pit bull decided to attack me.

Pit Bulls certainly do not belong in a town or city and if you do have pit bulls they should be out in a rural area instead.

It would be much better to spay and neuter all the pit bull breeds so they cannot reproduce and kill off all the current living pit bulls as they contribute nothing to society and are a danger.

Some places including my town has banned pit bulls and other dangerous dogs and if you're caught with one you get $1,000.00 fine and if you don't get rid of it the town will dispose of the dog and you get a year in jail.

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