Do you need to rinse zero water filter?

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Do you need to rinse zero water filter?

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The Zero Water Filters are already pre washed and you don't have to rinse the Zero Water Filters before use.

However it's a good idea to rinse the Zero Water Filters between use but you don't have to if you don't want too.

To use the Zero water filter tester you simply push the "on" button, remove the cap and place the zero water filter tester about an inch deep into the water.

Then just wait for the numbers to stabilize and see your final reading and then after you remove the TDS meter from the water the reading will go back to 000.

A Zero Water Filter Pitcher lasts from 3 to 5 months of use.

The more you use the Zero Water Pitcher the more often the filter will need to be changed.

My Zero Water Pitcher gets used everyday so I change the Zero Water Pitcher Filter every 3 months but less use you could get by with every 5 months.

A new Zero Water Pitcher Filter costs around $14.00

The Zero Water Pitcher does come with a filter.

All of the Zero Water Pitchers comes with a 5 stage filter that filters the water to make it safe and more tasty.

Every single water filter pitcher from Zero Water includes a 5-stage filtration system that delivers pure-tasting water right to you

The Zero Water Pitchers  and ALL Zero water dispensers come with a filter and FREE Water Quality Meter.

You can use the water quality meter to test the water for any impurities or other unsafe contaminates that may be in the water.

I have a Zero Water Pitcher and use the water tester meter as well and it works great.

So far my water has been safe to drink but the Zero Water Pitcher helps filter the water and make it taste much better.

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