What is the side effect of chili?

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What is the side effect of chili?

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Some side effects of eating chili are diarrhea, burning diarrhea, burning when you poop, stomach cramping, burning mouth, abdominal pain and other intestinal distress as well.

Chili is healthy in moderation and chili is good for eating when you have a cold or flu virus or just to warm up on a cold day.

Chili is also good for your gut.

Chili is good for gut health as spicy foods can calm your gut and keep your gut healthy because when the capsaicin enters your digestive tract and attaches to the receptor, it creates a chemical called anandamide.

Chili is also a good food to eat when you're sick.

The chili can help boost your immune system and help with congestion as well and the spicier the chili is that you eat when sick the better.

Eating Chili as well as other spicy foods is great for when you're sick and can help you feel better and ease congestion.

When you eat Chili or other spicy foods with peppers etc the Chili and other spicy foods can help break up mucus and clear your throat and nasal passages making it easy for you to breathe.

Chili is one of the easiest foods to get down your throat when you're sick as well.

When we're sick it can be hard to eat but Chili as well as soups etc are all good to eat when sick.

Also chicken noodle soup is good for giving your body nutrition and energy and also good to get down your throat especially when you have a sore throat.

I love eating Chili anytime but when I'm sick the Chili is a good for to eat.

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