Do long distance relationships last?

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Do long distance relationships last?

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Some long distance relationships do last while most long distance relationships fail.

A long distance relationship is always more difficult to maintain and keep than a local relationship with someone.

But if you're committed and really do love each other then you can make a long distance relationship last but you both have to be committed to the relationship and really love each other for it to work out.

Long distance relationships usually fail because the couples are not together and close to one another.

Some reasons long distance relationships can and sometimes do fail is because of idealization, relearning, uncertainties, lack of communication, loneliness etc.

Not all long distance relationships fail though but some and most do.

There have been some very successful long distance relationships but you have to be very committed to each other for the long distance relationship to work.

The lack of communication and loneliness are a few of the most common reasons that long distance relationships fail.

Insecurity and not feeling loved as well as debt can be a cause of failed long distance relationships as well.
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