Is it bad to chew on your finger nails?

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asked Oct 3, 2020 in Other- Health by Brettnobbs (330 points)
Is it bad to chew on your finger nails?

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answered Oct 3, 2020 by Jamie (16,870 points)
It is bad to chew on your finger nails because chewing on your fingernails can damage your teeth if you do it enough.

Also chewing on your fingernails can damage the skin around your fingernails and cause bleeding sometimes which can also lead to infection.

Your fingernails can contain bacteria and germs that you cannot see and when your bite your fingernails you can introduce those germs and bacteria into your body.

That can then make you sick and so if you bite your fingernails you should try to find something else to chew on such as a straw that is clean or something else.

Chewing on fingernails is a common thing people do out of boredom or when they are nervous or suffering from anxiety.

I used to bite my own fingernails in Kindergarten because I was so nervous and also did so at home.
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Yes, it is but you can find a good solution don't do it. As for me, I really like to make a pretty manicure and check different tutorials at where you can easily find an inspiration concerning your next nail art.

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