Did you try some cbd edibles?

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asked Apr 6 in Other- Health by Karont (2,480 points)
Did you try some cbd edibles? What was the effect?

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answered Apr 6 by Shawn (67,280 points)
I have tried some CBD edibles such as CBD gummy type and they seemed to help with my stress levels.

I've tried other medications but the CBD gummy edibles seemed to help with my stress much better.

I also suffer from anxiety and I found that after a month of taking CBD gummy edibles that my anxiety has lessened.

Just be aware that you might fail a drug test for a job if you need to have a drug test done.

But CBD edibles do work and I would recommend them.

Also if you're on probation and need to take a drug test for probation officers then the CBD could make you fail that drug test as well.

But other than that I would recommend them.
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answered Apr 7 by Andret (2,010 points)

Hello! Of course yes. I tried cbd edibles many times. Effect is almost the same that from other products. But you should pay attention on dosage and concentration. Personally I usually take cbd oil, it is the most comfortable variant for me.

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answered Jun 22 by SquareF (360 points)
I tried some gummies. Very tasty. I recommend it to everyone who wants something different.
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answered Jun 22 by BaronSamedi (220 points)

I don't use CBD, but my uncle does. He has sleeping problems, and he's solving these problems this way. He says that after CBD he sleeps like a baby. And I've heard also that it's pain relieving. I know that he buy CBD online, it's gummies produced in the Europe, and they are good for him. I tried this stuff once. One guy from the internet told me that it helps when you have a hangover. And it turned out that it really helps. I'm thinking about buying a whole pack of those gummies or CBD oil for vaping.

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