How much money do you spend on gambling?

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asked Feb 11 in Other-Finance by Karont (2,270 points)
How much money do you spend on gambling?

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answered Feb 11 by kipksakik (500 points)
I make around $10,000.00 per month between my offline Job and from blogging.

I used to gamble and never won anything so I decided to stop gambling because I was not very good at it.

I would gamble away at least $2,000.00 per month of my income and now thinking about it I wasted a lot of money even though I had fun.

I decided now to just put that extra $2,000.00 per month into a high yield savings account and invest some of my other money in other better ways.

I would not recommend gambling away as much money as I did as that was $24,000.00 per year which was a lot of money that I could have had in my bank account.
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answered Feb 15 by Jeraldo (2,020 points)
Nothing! I'm not gambling for real money yet and I'm gaining experience. To do this, I visit this site every night and I play free online slots with very cool graphics. This helps me relax and understand the principle of the game. I am sure that such free slots will also bring you a lot of positive emotions.
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answered Feb 17 by Andret (1,830 points)

It depends on how much time do you play, in what games, what bets do you make. Personally I play only to get some fun, so I don't put big sums on deposit. You can play on special websites with low deposit, for example these are my favorite variants.

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