How do you live with depression?

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asked Feb 4, 2020 in Other- Health by Karont (5,560 points)
How do you live with depression?

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answered Feb 5, 2020 by Gracy (135,260 points)
Living with depression can be a terrible thing.

Sometimes you can get over the depression by getting out of the house more and going and being around other people or if possible get in your vehicle and take a drive even out of state.

Even if you have no real place to go a good road trip is a good way to help with depression.

If you cannot get over depression on your own then you should seek medical attention for the depression where you can get help and hopefully overcome the depression.

Sometimes you may need to get on some depression medicines but those should be a last resort.
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answered Apr 8, 2020 by Palululu (2,240 points)

I don't live with depression. It is terrible condition and you should quit from it immediately. If you can't do this by yourself you should go to special doctor. I suffer from anxiety sometimes and cbd helps me to relieve symtoms. Maybe this will help you to, but firsty I recommend to read about side effects of cbd oil

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