What is the purpose of a memorial service?

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Memorial services are the most emotional part of the funerals, and people host significant events for their family members to remember them together for one last time. It is the time when everyone assembles together as one to bid the last farewell to their loved one, and give each other some courage to move forward. People also get to celebrate the lives of those who have gone away, and recollect the good times and feel good about it. The is not meant to create a religious statement. There are ceremonies which take place without the mention of any gods. The purpose of the ceremony is to pay respect to the person and their body by either burying them or cremating them. People can also keep the ask with them or send it away in the rivers. It is a way to show gratitude for the time they have spent on earth without remembering the good and bad times. Visit here to know more about funeral directors in Singapore.

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