Why do people pay a lot for caviar? It doesn’t even have a taste?

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Why do people pay a lot for caviar? It doesn’t even have a taste?

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answered Jul 1 by Gracy (48,140 points)
The real caviar that is expensive does have a taste that some people love while other people hate.

For example Sturgeon caviar has a fishy, salty taste and an unusual mouth feel to it and some people enjoy that taste while others hate it.

I once tried the Sturgeon caviar when I went out to eat with a more wealthy relative and I couldn't get it down my throat while my rich relative loved it.

I would certainly not pay for any Caviar but if you've had other types of Caviar but not Sturgeon Caviar then the other Caviar types may not have a taste to them while the Sturgeon Caviar and a few other types do have a taste that can either be good or bad.

To me though no matter how good the Caviar tastes I still wouldn't pay the prices they want for it.
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answered Jul 2 by palone (1,820 points)

Caviar very definitely has a taste. Indeed, different kinds of caviar have different tastes. The main difference is type of fish - “caviar” sometimes is used to mean only sturgeon eggs, sometimes the eggs of any fish. I recommend to try some black caviar https://globalseafoods.com/collections/black-caviar as for me it is the best!!

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answered Aug 15 by Mark Duffy (1,180 points)

I agree with the previous comment. Caviar tastes good. Maybe you've tried low-quality or stale caviar? I think it's possible. I suggest you try some fresh Iranian Beluga caviar. My favorite. I buy it from a trusted supplier https://caspianmonarque.com/caviar/beluga-iranian-caviar/. I suggest you do the same.

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