Does anyone here turn the TV on for background noise when at home?

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asked Jul 5, 2018 in Television by MartyGaskin (250 points)
Does anyone turn the TV on (in the background) whenever they are in their room/house alone because the silence is not nice?

I find that when I'm working I need some background noise to be more productive and turning the TV on to break the silence in the house helps me to be more productive and get more work done.

Does anyone else here find that they're more productive when having the TV on for background noise?

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answered Jul 5, 2018 by Carter3 (8,490 points)
You're certainly not the only person who leaves a Television on for Background noise when working at home.

I work online and I live alone right now and I hate the silence when in my house so I turn on the Television while watching it or not.

The noise in the background helps me to concentrate more on my work because I'm not thinking about the silence that would be there if the Television were off.

A friend said I was running up my electric bill and wasting electricity by leaving the Television on while not watching it.

But my LED Television only uses around 54 watts so that equates to 12,960 KWH watts of electricity use per month and at my electric rate of 10 cents per KWH it comes to around $1.30 per month which is hardly any money at all.

Totally worth the $1.30 per month I spend to keep my Television on all day for 8 hours to be more productive and earn more money online.

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