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Guys, how many of you are interested in BTC cryptocurrency? What do you think, what is the forecast for this crypto in the nearest future and is it still worth buying or selling?

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answered Jan 13 by toshka (480 points)

I have been investing in different types of cryptocurrencies for a long time. I would like to note that it is very important to track growth and decline in this case. I try to listen to the opinion of professional analysts. Here at this link you can find out BTC prediction After that you can make a conclusion whether to buy this crypto or not.

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Here are some news aggregators you may have used or heard of:

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    This syndication of news content enables the audience to get all their news without checking a bunch of different websites about crypto here . It also opens up the possibility of curation. This can be accomplished in several ways. Some aggregators have their own recommendation algorithms and some are curated by people to whom certain types of information are of particular import. There are also some aggregators that allow the end-user to manually configure what publications and what kind of stories they want to read.

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