Does the flu make your arms hurt?

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Does the flu make your arms hurt?

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The flu can make your arms hurt which is normal.

Whenever I get the flu my arms start aching and then after a few days the flu comes on so when my arm begins to hurt I can usually tell that soon I'll have the flu.

Your arm can also hurt during the flu as well and even when you get a flu shot it's normal to have your arm hurt after the flu shot.

Most cases of the flu resolve on their own without treatment and there's no cure for the flu and nothing the hospital can really do for the flu unless it gets worse.

If you get dehydrated, get really weak, have confusion, have a high fever that won't go down or you think the flu is turning into pneumonia then go to a walk in clinic or the hospital.

In rare cases the flu can get serious enough to kill someone but it's rare that happens.

If the flu gets worse or lasts longer than a few weeks then go to the hospital.

Also you can take Tamiflu to help with the flu symptoms and help you recover from the flu faster.

You are still contagious with the flu virus while on Tamiflu.

Taking the Tamiflu does not make you less contagious but instead Tamiflu works to help fight the flu virus off before it has time to infect your body fully.

For the Tamiflu to fully work you need to take the Tamiflu within 48 hours of the symptoms of the flu or before the symptoms appear or it will not work.

You still will remain contagious with the flu virus until the flu virus has fully left your body.

Also taking Tamiflu for the flu can make you tired.

One of the side effects of taking Tamiflu is fatigue so you can become drowsy and tired when taking Tamiflu so you should avoid driving or operating any machinery when taking Tamiflu.

However the flu itself can make you tired but Tamiflu has been known to make some people tired which is not a bad thing as it helps you rest to recover from the flu virus.

Other side effects of taking Tamiflu are nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, abdominal pain, headaches and nosebleeds.

Tamiflu will work to prevent the flu if you take the Tamiflu 48 hours before the onset of the flu.

If you take the Tamiflu after you get the flu symptoms then the flu symptoms will still linger and you'll still suffer from the flu.

Tamiflu works to get rid of the flu virus before it has time to fully infect you but once you're fully infected with the flu then nothing will work except rest, staying hydrated and then within a week to 14 days the flu should be gone.

You must take Tamiflu 48 hours before the onset of the flu for it to be effective.

Tamiflu is a prescription only flu medicine and does work but it's also costly and sometimes you'll need to pay out of pocket for it.

If you start feeling the symptoms of the flu then see a doctor and get prescribed the Tamiflu and then take the Tamiflu and you should feel better within a few days.

But continue taking the Tamiflu for up to 6 weeks or until the flu has gone away.
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It is normal for your arms to hurt or ache during or at the beginning of the flu.

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