A quick note to say I'm okay Pamperslover

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asked 4 days ago in AB/DL by Pamperslover (30,890 points)
A quick note to say I'm okay Pamperslover.

It's me and I have not been able to get my desktop computers to work properly for the last few weeks or so and so I have not been able to get any websites to load.

I thought it was the internet but both my desktop computers are doing the same thing.

My browsers are not wanting to connect and load up websites for some reason.

The browsers just hang up no matter what browser I use.

So I have not responded to private messages on here because of that.

I'm typing from my phone but it's hard for me to type much on the phone so once I get my new computer soon I will respond.

It won't be until around the 1st of the month of November when I get paid and have enough to get a new computer but I do need one any way.

As soon as i get the new computer or if my current computer decides to work I will respond and look at the private messages.

Just wanted to put this message out there to let people know I'm okay and why I haven't responded to the private messages.

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answered 4 days ago by diapermouse (3,380 points)
Glad to hear you're OK.

As for the computers try bringing up the processes and see if there are some background processes using of the memory of your computers.

When my computers browsers start hanging up like that it's usually because the computer is running low on memory and opening up task manager and killing off some of the unneeded background processes usually fixes the issue.

You might also consider upgrading your ram on the computers as well to more RAM which can speed up the computers.
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answered 4 days ago by paratom (3,100 points)
I was wondering what happened. I'm glad u r ok.


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