Have you ever had your diaper changed in class Andy how did everyone react

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I remember in Kindergarten I had a classmate who was a boy and he was not potty trained.

So he wore diapers and pooped and peed in the diapers.

Well when he pooped or peed his diapers the teachers assistant would take him to the corner of the room and have him lay down on a changing mat.

The teachers aid who was a male would change the boys diaper right there and he was not autistic or anything and he didn't seem to mind having his diaper changed in front of people.

I would've been embarrassed if that were me.

But he would gladly go lay down to get a diaper change.

There were a few people who poked fun at him but he was okay with it and said he didn't want to potty trained and that he was more comfortable wearing diapers.

I work now as a teachers aid and we have a kid in 1st grade who's a boy and he is not potty trained either and says he's never using the toilet.

His parents drop off packages of Gentle Steps size 7 diapers for him to wear and he gets his diaper changed every 3 hours or after he poops.

However now the schools policy at my school where I work requires us to take him to a bathroom and give him privacy to change his diaper.

So we can't change diapers out in the open.

All of his classmates know he wears diapers and he's been made fun of but he says it's okay that they are making fun of him but he wants diapers instead.

I have no issue in changing his diapers although I'm sure he could change his own diapers but we have to make sure he's cleaned up properly and changed often enough for health reasons so I change his diapers.

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