If you could add any feature to every brand of Baby/toddler diapers what would you add?

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If I could and if I owned a diaper company I would manufacture the old style plastic backed diapers with the actual tapes and not the Velcro.

I'm sure there's a lot of parents that would still buy the good quality plastic backed diapers for their babies and toddlers and they were actually better than the diapers with stretch tabs today.

The plastic backed diapers held more securely and were very absorbent and also harder for the toddler to take the diaper off.

I miss the old style plastic backed diapers with the thick plastic and smooth plastic outer shell and the tapes.

I love the sound of the thick plastic backed diapers crinkling and love the sound of the tapes as they are being attached to the diaper or being untaped as well.

I personally think the diaper manufactures should've stayed with the thicker plastic backed diapers but they didn't because they thought it would be better to have stretch tabs and Velcro for better movement of the baby or toddler.

I love the plastic backed diapers with tapes and the thicker the better.

But even then the new disposable baby and toddler diapers are still not breathable and are still plastic underneath the cloth like covering.

They have to be so they hold the pee in.

If you peel the outer cover off it will be a plastic backed diaper but not as good as the old style plastic backed diapers.

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