Does your parents let you pee in a diaper?

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Does your parents let you pee in a diaper?

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answered Oct 11 by Jiadiaperboy (220 points)
My parents do let me pee in a diaper.

I've loved wearing diapers ever since I was 5 years old.

I wear diapers part time and I was actually caught wearing a Gentle Steps size 7 diaper that I bought from Dollar General.

My parents were actually really nice about it and said it was okay if I wore them around them.

So now I can go around the house wearing just a diaper and shirt or just a diaper if I want too.

I get to dress like my little 2 year old brother and I'm 13 years old.

I was always so Jealous of my 2 year old brother who wears diapers all the time and my goal is to one day when I move out to wear diapers all the time and no longer use the toilet.

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