Do you like peeing in a diaper?

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Do you like the feeling of a wet diaper?

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Yes I do love peeing in a diaper.

I love both a dry and wet diaper but I much prefer a wet diaper.

The wet diaper swelling up between my legs makes it feel even better and I love when a diaper gets full where it spreads my legs apart somewhat and makes me waddle like a toddler.

I love the diapers that swell up really big but any diaper is better than no diaper.

There was a pampers diaper commercial from around 1994 with a boy running around in his diaper and they called him Fast Eddie.

He drinks fast and he wets fast that's why pampers created a thin diaper fast enough to keep up with him.

Then they say for dry and happy babies.

Well for me I'm more happy when my diaper is nice and wet.

Although I'm always happy even in a dry diaper but I'm even happier in a wet diaper.

I was the same when I was a toddler I was always a happy toddler when in a wet diaper and I hated getting a dry diaper on.

I also love humping things in my wet diaper or grabbing the front of my diaper when wet and rubbing one out.

It feels awesome to be in a wet diaper.

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