Do you drink out of sippy cups

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asked Oct 6 in AB/DL by mwalker96 (1,880 points)
Who still drinks out of sippy cups?

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answered Oct 6 by diapermouse (4,000 points)
I still drink out of sippy cups.

I even keep a sippy cup in my car and when driving I will drink milk, juice etc out of my sippy cup.

I also sometimes drink out of a baby bottle when driving down the road where nobody can see me.

I've even driven down some dirt roads while wearing just a diaper and my shirt and shoes which also felt awesome.

I love having milk in my sippy cup or some juice and sometimes prefer a bottle and sitting around or laying in bed or in my crib wearing just a diaper.

I've even fallen asleep with a baby bottle in my mouth drinking some milk.

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