Does your parents change you at the moment?

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This is for the younger diaper lovers here. Do your parents still change your diaper?

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answered Oct 3 by diapered8yearoldboy (2,470 points)
My parents do change my diaper for me.

I'm made to wear diapers by my parents which is what I wanted.

I wet the bed and my pants and even pooped my pants until finally my parents decided to make me wear diapers all the time.

Now the toilet is off limits to me and I must do both poop and pee in my diapers.

My parents then change me when needed.

I've been changed by my parents in front of my aunts, uncles, Grandma, Grandpa and even Friends as they know I wear diapers all the time.

I even had my diaper changed at a park this summer at a family gathering in front of everyone and I was left in just my diaper and shirt and shoes.

At home like right now I'm wearing a Pampers Baby Dry size 6 diaper which feels great.

Sometimes I wear Luvs diapers and sometimes I wear Pampers and even sometimes I wear the Dollar General Gentle Steps diapers.

I'm in diapers full time and I want to stay in diapers full time for the rest of my life.

I find poopy diapers and wet diapers are very comfortable and I always hated wearing regular underwear or boxer shorts and prefer using my diaper and wearing my diaper instead.

I also hated the toilet and still do.

I'm almost 9 years old soon and I still will wear diapers and be changed by my parents.

I also sleep in a baby crib, wear footy pajamas suck from a bottle, get fed in a highchair and suck on a pacifier as well.

I wear my diapers to school too and the nurse changes me which I also like.
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