Why do some toddlers hump in their diapers with hot poop on their butts?

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asked Oct 2 in Toddler/Preschooler by Baque2021 (470 points)
My two-year-old baby brother started this thing when he was about ten months old. His poop has always been firm and pretty big. It is nothing to catch him lying on his belly in the middle of the floor with a big bulging poop on his butt. When he is poopy, he will grab himself between the legs and hump. Now keep in mind that his poop is only on his butt and nowhere near the front of his diaper, though sometimes he does enjoy a hard hot tennisball-sized poop against his perineum (the skin between the anus and the genital region, for people who don't know what that is called.) We don't know why, but my brother has started referring to his poop as "gur," and whenever he is poopy, he will tell us that he is gurry. So we have taken to calling it gur. He likes the feel of his poop for some reason and he seems to get very excited when he does his humping thing on the floor. Why does he do it, and will this hurt him?

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answered Oct 2 by Minty (107,720 points)
Toddlers humping in their diapers in poop or playing with their poop is very normal.

The toddler is discovering that the poop feels good to them on their hands and they love mushing it around.

Toddlers do weird things and eventually the toddler should grow out of it as they get older.

The humping that the toddler or your brother is doing in his diaper with his poop will not hurt him.

But it's best to get his diaper changed as soon as you know it's poopy so that he does not have a chance to play with his poop.

My own sons when they were toddlers and in diapers would play with their poop and also would do the humping in the diapers and even sticking their hands down their diapers to play with the poop.

My first son when he was around 2 years old would dig in his diaper and then take the poop out and rub it all over the wall.

I actually gave him a rag to help clean it up as well.

Toddlers do very weird things and it's normal although it can be gross.

It's also normal for toddlers to call their poop gur or other things as well.

Some things toddlers do are a mystery to us adults.
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Thanks for your answer. It was very helpful. As for him actually playing with or manipulating his poop in any way, he has never done that. He just likes the feel of it held against him by the diaper I guess, and for some reason, this excites him. I must also add that he is on a medication that makes his poop non-sticky and non-messy, though it is thick and firm with a little bit of a squish to it. Also, it doesn't smell as strong as regular poop. When we try to change him, he will get very angry. So my question then is do we just tell him that he can do this, but only in private? Once again, he has never stuck his hands in his diaper or manipulated his poop directly. He will sometimes hold onto his diaper and push it firmly against his butt, but that's as far as it goes. Once again, thank you for your answer.

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