Who remembers Diapersworld.com

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asked Oct 1 in AB/DL by mwalker96 (1,880 points)
Who remember diapersworld.com. I wasn't around when the site was active, but I see a lot classic kid diaper photos came from there.

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answered Oct 1 by diaper1982 (180 points)
I seem to recall remembering a website with the diapersworld.com name.

I used to visit a website with the name diapersworld.com or at least something similar but it probably was the diapersworld.com website that I viewed.

Back years ago around 1998 to 2000 I also remember visiting a website called Yior.thecobb.com which had lots of great classic diapered kid photos but it supposedly got shut down by the police or something like that.

I think I remember reading somewhere that the owner of the website yior.thecobb.com was in possession of actual child porn as well.

He wasn't arrested or in trouble for the diaper kid photos but instead for naked pictures he had on his own PC and so I guess the authorities had the website shut down.

I never saw any naked photos myself of kids on that Yior.thecobb.com website but there could've been I guess.

I believe I originally saw the diaper boy Tommy pictures on Yior.thecobb.com which I think I found also from the website deeker.com which also now no longer available.

You can still access a version of deekers diaper page and view stories etc on it at http://deeker.xyz

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