Who's familar with the story of diaper boy Chokitee and his brother?

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Who's familar with Chokitee and his brother's backstory. A lot of these photos were around 2000-2001. They both seem like really sweet kids who happened to be bedwetters. Chokitte looks around 9 or 10 while his brother looks around 5 or 6. Anyone familar with these boys? https://www.imgvek.com/album/6c9c4e5273c90884ac4e5951cae86c56/Diaper_Kid_Boy_Chokitee

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I do remember seeing those pictures around that time of Diaper Boy Chokitee.

I can recall the pictures being on some now defunct website and I believe the story about them was that they were bed wetters and so were diapered for the bed wetting.

Then I think they began to like diapers so they wanted to stay in them during the day as well.

It was around 200 to 2001 when I do recall seeing those pictures the first time.

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