What is the healthiest fast food?

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What is the healthiest fast food?

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Most likely buters in a subway?
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The healthiest fast food is KFC fast food chicken.

KFC makes chicken fast and also makes the KFC chicken from fresh chicken and so it's healthier than other fast food.

Other fast food that is the healthiest is Chipotle, Wendy's Chick Fil A, Ruby Tuesday, Subway and the Cheesecake Factory.

Spangles is also a pretty healthy fast food that serves great tasting food and I love the Spangles French Fries even better than McDonald's.

If you don't have a Spangles near you then McDonald's would be closest to healthy as Spangles.

All fast food can be healthy in moderation but you should eat other healthy foods as well.

Any fast food can be unhealthy when eaten in excess.

Just like McDonald's is considered unhealthy but if you only eat McDonald's food in moderation and are exercising, eating other healthy foods etc then you can still be healthy when enjoying McDonald's food on occasion.

You can gain weight and become unhealthy eating at home as well.

It's not the fast food restaurants fault that you get fat or sick.

I eat fast food sometimes once per day or at least a few times per week and I'm still healthy.

I just don't eat fast food full time.

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