What does couped mean?

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What does couped mean?

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The word couped means to cut off smoothly.

Couped is a term in heraldry, used to describe the head or any limb of an animal cut off from the trunk, and smooth. When crosses, bends, bars, etc., are cut.

The word cooped means to be confined.

What it means to feel cooped up is to be confined in a building, cage, small space etc for a long period of time.

Some ways to use cooped up in a sentence include.

It's been snowing all day and so I've been cooped up in the house with nothing to do.

He's been cooped up in jail for 6 months now awaiting trial and cannot make bail.

I finally let the dog outside after he's been cooped up for 2 days due to the snowstorm.

Being cooped up means to be kept in a small room or small space for a long period of time.

For example you could say that a prisoner has been cooped up in solitary confinement for 23 hours per day for 10 years.

That would be an example of being cooped up.

Or if the weather is bad such as being extremely cold out or dangerous weather and you've been inside the house for a few days or longer then you would be cooped up.

You can also be cooped up for even a day and it can make you go stir crazy.

Some ways to use cooped up in a sentence are.

No part of her wanted to be cooped up right now.

You shouldn't be cooped up with a sour old man every evening.

He needs exercise and stimulation, and he won't enjoy being cooped up for too long!

The week cooped up was probably hard for her to deal with.

Some other words for cooped up are.





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