What does it mean last resort?

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What does it mean last resort?

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Last Resort means to try something when all else has failed to fix the problem or solve the problem.

The meaning of the idiom or word last resort is to do something only if all other things have failed.

When you do something as a last resort you do that thing as a final course of action which is used only when all else has failed.

Examples as last resort are.

'Court action was, however, a last resort. ' 'War should in any case always be a last resort in settling an international conflict.

The phrase last resort, which has been used in English since the 17th century, comes from a French legal term, en dernier ressort.

This was a type of court or legal case that didn't allow appeals, but instead cast final, permanent decisions.

Some other words or synonyms for the word last resort include.

last hope, dernier ressort, last resource, pis-aller, last expedient, recourse, resort, trump card, card up one's sleeve, ace-in-the-hole and desperate remedy.

If you do something as a last resort everything else you have tried has failed and the thing you do as a last resort may fail as well but you try it anyway in hopes that it works.

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