What does come to blows mean?

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What does come to blows mean?

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To come to blows means for 2 people to get into fights.

If two people or groups come to blows, they start fighting.

Come to blows means to start fighting after a disagreement.

If two people come to blows, they disagree so much about something that they start to fight.

Two smartly-dressed women came to blows on a crowded commuter train yesterday, amazing onlookers.

Local residents nearly came to blows over the proposal.

The heavyweights came to blows in a brawl that drew widespread condemnation in February, yet neither holds a license.

Two Doggett Coat and Badge-winners, both watermen resident in Greenwich, came to blows over which should row the Royal Barge.

Two spiders come to blows on a plant stem in our back garden.

Two surfcasters had come to blows out at the Point that morning.

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