What does Moldau mean?

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What does Moldau mean?

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Moldau is a German word which may refer to: The historical region of Moldavia. Vltava, a river in the Czech Republic.

Moldova River, a river in Romania.

A devoutly patriotic work, The Moldau captures in music Smetana's love of his homeland.

The movement starts with light, rippling figures that represent the emergence of the Moldau River as two mountain springs, one warm and one cold.

The Moldau , Czech Vltava, symphonic poem by Bohemian composer Bedřich Smetana that evokes the flow of the Vltava River—or, in German, the Moldau—from its source in the mountains of the Bohemian Forest, through the Czech countryside, to the city of Prague.

"The Moldau” represents an exceptional expression of patriotic or nationalistic music.

The musical poem reflects the pride, oppression, and hope of the Bohemian people. Before World War 1 Bohemia, presently the Czech Republic, was ruled by the Austro- Hungarian Empire.

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