Does Zevo really kill bugs?

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Does Zevo really kill bugs?

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answered Sep 12 by Carrie123 (15,390 points)
Zevo does really kill some bugs.

However Zevo is not effective on all bugs and in most cases it takes awhile for the bugs to die from being sprayed with Zevo.

In my experience Zevo takes around 30 minutes to kill the bugs while other bug sprays such as RAID bug spray kills the bugs instantly.

Zevo really is not a great product to kill bugs with although it does work somewhat it's not the best way to kill bugs.

Raid bug spray is the best at killing bugs.

Zevo bug spray bug spray smells horrible, doesn't kill bugs very good, and makes a slimy mess all over the floors and spaces after you've sprayed it.

While the bottle warns you about this, you can't believe how dangerous this slippery slime is; it's hard to clean up and you just slide around like it's an oil slick.

I would recommend using Raid or some other bug spray.

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