If I have back problems can I get disability income because I can't work?

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asked Jan 14 in Employment & Careers by MS Vee (150 points)
If I have back problems can I get disability income because I can't work?

I have back problems and don't think I can stand to work at my current job lifting and carrying things in the shipping department.

Can I get on SSI disability if I have severe enough back pain that keeps me from being able to work a job?

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answered Jan 14 by T67865 (850 points)
To get disability you'll have to prove that your back problems are severe enough to where you can't do any job including an office job where you sit down most of the time.

If you're found to be able to do a sit down office job then your disability claim will be denied and you won't be able to get the disability payments.

Disability benefits are getting harder to get today since so many people are claiming disability when they clearly can work at some form of job but just don't want to try.

If you're able to do an office type job where you sit down I would try applying for one of those jobs before I would apply for disability benefits since disability doesn't really pay a good enough amount to live off of anyway.

With an office type job you would earn more money than disability payments would every provide you.

Maybe you could also do work from home in your spare time. There's many online legit jobs or maybe try blogging to earn a living if you're good at writing content and helping people with that content.

The blogging will take a few years before you start making good money though.

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