Anyone else sick of winter already and want spring to come?

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asked Jan 10 in Polls/Surveys by ZFGY (230 points)
Anyone else sick of winter already and want spring to come?

Thankfully we're only about 2 months away from spring weather but I'm already for winter to be over with. I'm sick of these below freezing temperatures for highs during the day.

I hate wearing coats and having to pay high gas bills to keep warm in my home. I love being outdoors and this cold winter has me stuck inside bored during winter.

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answered Jan 10 by Dex R (3,140 points)
I like winter up until Christmas and New years but after that time passes I'm ready for warm weather again.

I do get bored in winter but after awhile of getting bored I decide to start cleaning my house which hardly ever gets done when the weather is nice outside.

That's what you could do. Even if your house isn't really messy you could go through things that you no longer need or use anymore and get rid of those items.

And then do a good cleaning of the house. Winter time when you're stuck inside due to bad weather is a good time to tidy your house and get rid of things we don't need or use anymore.
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answered Jan 12 by Minty (23,540 points)
I'm so over winter as well. It's only gonna be 6 F for the high today and I hate it.

I'm ready to be able to open my windows and go outside and sit on my porch and do my work on my laptop while having my coffee or tea.

Or just take a walk outside during the nice weather.

I do walk during the cold weather but I enjoy my walks even more when it's a nice warm day out.

I hate hot weather but the warmth of spring is just a right temperature for me.

I've got the spring countdown timer going on my computer in my browser with the sound of birds chirping and it's a great sound.

So far only 66 days and 14 hours and 51 seconds until the official start of spring.

Though it could still be cold after that but I hope not.

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