My Toddler is refusing to have his diaper changed?

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asked Jan 10 in Toddler/Preschooler by aror (150 points)
My Toddler is refusing to have his diaper changed?

I'm about to rip my hair out at this problem. My nearly 3 year old toddler boy is refusing to get his diaper changed.
I do manage to get it changed eventually but I have to chase him around for a long time before I can finally fight him to the floor and hold him there while he kicks and screams while I try and get his diaper changed.

How can I stop my nearly 3 year old form refusing to get his diaper changed? He doesn't care if he has a wet or even a poopy diaper and would stay in the same diaper for days if allowed.

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answered Jan 11 by Shelde (4,380 points)
You're not alone in this problem of refusing to get diapers changed.

A lot of toddlers will resist diaper changes and the most common reason is because the child is in the middle of playing or doing something else and doesn't want that play to get interrupted and have his or her pants removed and get the diaper changed.

The toddler doesn't realize that getting his/her diaper changed is more important than the play or whatever else they were doing is.

You could warn you toddler in advance of getting the diaper changed. About 15 minutes before you're ready to change the toddlers diaper go and tell them that it's almost time to change your diaper. And then go get the diaper changing supplies ready.

Then 5 minutes later remind the child again that it's almost time again to get their diaper changed and then they might go along with it.

Some might still be stubborn about it and refuse and you'll just have to fight the toddler into a new diaper because you can't let them wear the same dirty or wet diaper all day.

You have to do what's best for your child and getting a diaper changed is best for your child even though they don't realize it.

Soon this will pass and you will be wishing for those days back where you had your child in diapers and were fighting them to get their diaper changed. lol

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