Where can I earn good money typing at home?

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asked Dec 24, 2017 in Employment & Careers by foremast (330 points)
Where can I earn good money typing at home?

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answered Dec 25, 2017 by Rexer (1,540 points)
If you want to do type at home work for type at home job companies then most likely you'll be doing data entry and medical billing and coding type typing at home work.

So if you signup and apply for a type at home job then you'll need knowledge in medical billing, medical coding and other data entry work.

Some people go into the type at home thing thinking they'll be typing articles and other stuff for websites and blogs.

But most of the type at home jobs are medical coding, medical billing and even writing transcripts.

If you want to write articles for other peoples websites you can look on freelancer or other freelance websites where people are looking for content writers for there blogs and they'll pay you for each article you write.

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