Can you go to jail for driving without a license?

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asked Dec 16, 2017 in Law Enforcement/Police by NigelM (300 points)
Can you go to jail for driving without a license?

If you're driving and pulled over and you don't have a license what will happen? Will you get arrested for having no drivers license or will you just get a ticket?

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answered Dec 16, 2017 by Shelde (4,380 points)
In all 50 states driving without a drivers license is considered a misdemeanor and a person who gets caught the first time is usually ticketed and you could have your car towed away if there's no other licensed driver with you.

If you're caught the second or third time you'll likely face some jail time and it will be hard for you when you go apply for a drivers license.

It gets more serious if you drive on a revoked or suspended drivers license and in those cases with a suspended or revoked drivers license you'll certainly be going to jail.

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