How can I stay off the computer?

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asked Jun 17, 2017 in Internet by Darien (120 points)
I'm on the computer all day from the moment I get up to the almost the moment I go to bed. I only get up to go the bathroom or fix something too eat.

I'm 18 and unemployed. I can't find nothing to do in my boring town.

First thing I do in the morning as soon as I'm out of bed and before even fix breakfast or go to the bathroom is turn on the computer.

I'm so tired of using the computer and internet all day but can't find anything to do here.

Can anyone suggest me ways of getting away from the computer for awhile?

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answered Jun 17, 2017 by Judy (28,860 points)
You can always get rid of your computer so you can stay completely away from it. lol

But no seriously. Try watching tv instead or first get your breakfast made, then after breakfast go outside and take a walk around town. Or ride a bike if you have one. Even just sitting on a bench in the park is nice.

You can also do some house cleaning or yard work instead of being on the computer all day.

Get out there and start looking for some jobs. Although most employers today only take resumes online but I'm sure there are still some jobs taking offline applications.

While on the computer though start looking for jobs and posting resumes. Keep working at it and you're likely to get a job soon.

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