4 year old nephew still wearing diapers full time

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asked May 26 in Toddler/Preschooler by Sugarspice (160 points)
My 4 year old Nephew was over yesterday and I noticed he didn't go to the toilet the whole 4 hours he was here.

I asked him if he needed to go potty and his mom said that he was wearing a diaper and not potty trained?

She said that hadn't even tried and he'll use the toilet when he's ready?

He's already 4 years old and will be entering kindergarten next year.

He should be ready by now.

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answered May 26 by Lilly21 (15,850 points)
4 years old is getting up there in the too old range when it comes to potty training.

Although some kids do take a bit longer than others. My nephew didn't potty train until he was almost 5.

If he's still in diapers during the day at age 5 then she really needs to start pushing the potty training.

Teachers in school don't change diapers unless they're special needs.

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