How do you survive without a job?

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asked Apr 7, 2017 in Employment & Careers by Allison (200 points)
I just heard that I'm getting laid off next month. I'll be out of a job for awhile not sure how long though.

How do people survive without a job and income coming in?

How can I make some extra income to get me through until I hopefully find another job?

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answered Apr 7, 2017 by Allison (200 points)
I've survived an 18 month layoff primarily by living off savings accumulated by putting aside 33% of my income for just such a rainy day as this.

I didn't have big credit card debt built up. What little I had while I was working, I paid off as soon as I got laid off. I knew I couldn't afford to pay interest!

Also, I don't have cable TV. I shopped for the cheapest but fastest Internet service. My husband and I each have a cell phone from the cheapest provider in town – we don't have a landline. I rarely buy books, the library and its books/DVDs work fine for us.

Also, we both cook and rarely eat out. We buy a lot of groceries at Walmart, and I get my discounted prescriptions there (no health insurance) using a free discount program I found on the Internet.

When we do go out for something to eat, it's usually a snack, or an inexpensive breakfast or lunch. I rarely have drinks out, and when I meet my girlfriends out it's usually for coffee or tea.

I sold my gold jewelery that I didn't wear anymore (stuff that was out of style) and banked the proceeds. My husband sold musical and sports equipment he doesn't use anymore.

My husband and I both drive small, gas-efficient paid-off cars that are 10 yrs old. I try to be efficient about running errands, and am cautious about long drives – I might even run the stats on Mapquest to find out how much gas a long drive (there and back) will cost!

Yes, unemployment ran out. Yes, I work two part-time jobs. And yes, I still have some $$ saved, thank god.

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