How do you get rid of cockroaches?

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How do you get rid of cockroaches?

How do you get rid of cockroaches out of your house and keep the cockroaches from coming back?

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You can get rid of cockroaches by making a simple homemade cockroach bait using sugar and baking soda.

Take something shallow that the roaches can easily get too such as a milk jug lid and mix up some sugar and mixing baking soda together and place it in the lid.

Next take a bowl and place some water in the bowl and set both nearby where the roaches are.
The water will help attract the roaches and then the roaches will eat the baking soda and sugar and the baking soda will be what kills the roaches.

Roaches cannot digest baking soda like humans can so they will swell up inside and be killed.

Same goes for ants, sugar and baking soda will also kill ants and work as a good natural ant bait.

If you spray roaches with fabric softener spray, it will kill the roaches.

Placing boric acid out around where the roaches are will also kill roaches but can be harmful to animals and humans if ingested.

Boric acid is a deadly poison so if you have babies or toddlers around it's not recommended to use Boric acid since babies and toddlers might try to eat it.

If your house is dirty be sure to clean it up really good and keep it clean and take trash out often and clean up any food or other food crumbs that might be on your floor or counter.

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