Can you use cash to buy a plane ticket?

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asked May 14 in Planes by Hansteen (360 points)
Can you use cash to buy a plane ticket?

Do airlines accept cash to purchase a plane ticket?

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answered May 14 by Adf289 (26,090 points)
Yes most if not all airlines will accept cash at the airport for buying a plane ticket.

However most airlines will not accept any cash anymore on board the airplane when purchasing meals and other things such as snacks, cocktails and movies but for the actual plane ticket you can still use cash to purchase the plane ticket at the counter at the airport.
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answered Jun 12 by palone (840 points)
Hello! Of course yes. But I prefer to buy tickets online. Also I usually order transfer from the airport online before arriving at airport. It is really very easy, everyone can do it with this service their prices are the best.

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