What makes hair grow thick and fast?

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asked Mar 29 in Hair by Dolphin433 (370 points)
What makes hair grow thick and fast?

What can I use to make my hair grow thick and fast?

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answered Mar 29 by Grahlu (18,770 points)
To help make your hair grow faster and thicker avoid over washing your hair, stimulate your scalp, and be sure to use conditioner on your hair often, Thick Hair serum also works great for my sisters hair.

She buys it at Walmart for around $9.00 a bottle and it works great at getting her hair to grow thick and fast.
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answered Jul 6 by jane (380 points)

In order to hair grow faster and thicker there are special masks and oils.  Also make the hair thicker and thicker will help massage, which can be performed at home.  It enhances blood circulation and stimulates hair growth.  You can do it with your fingers or with a special brush.  Also, you can make your hair thicker visually using the right hairstyle, see https://therighthairstyles.com/category/haircuts/shag-hairstyles/ the best options are selected here

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